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Virtual reality sets are becoming more widely known to the general public. Their application is different nowadays. Our studio has a professional VR sets, and this helps us presenting to our clients their projects in a more interesting and unique way. Look for us to immerse yourself in a new reality and view your future home or office in a unique and different way. And if you have another idea about using a VR set, don't hesitate to contact us!


Diploma project on the topic "Relax rooms".

The project is based on the problems related to the hectic life we ​​live and how it affects us. We live in a fast-paced and competitive world that often puts a large number of people in stressful situations, which in themselves lead to physical and mental problems. Relax rooms aim to provide a new interior environment, fully prepared to soothe and bring positive emotions. One project developed in detail (within 3 books) which was awarded "Best design development" in London.


Various techniques and materials were used to make all the layouts - paper, 3D chemical, Laser cutting MDF and Perspex and more.


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