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If you need help to build the perfect home, office or any type of premise, then you have come to the right place! Our team is comprised of professionals in the field of Architecture and Design, and we can be of help to you from the level of consultation, to the design and overall implementation of the project +  supervision.



Over the past few months, we have focused our work on the production of advertising videos, which aim to support the work of brokers to present their properties (already constructed, or under construction), in a more modern and innovative way. We were contacted by Comfort Brokers, who are working very hard on the task of presenting the future home of their clients in the clearest and best way. The sale of apartments and the presentation of a building are no longer limited to the presentation of an architectural sketch.

The digital walk and the 3D model intertwined with real shots manage to present the building, the volume and the possibility to furnish the interiors in the most realistic way possible, so that the client knows what he is investing in. More videos and footage, coming soon!




.. or when the right half of the brain is creative and the left is calm and orderly ........


An extraordinary project that we developed and implemented within 5-6 months. We found the apartment on a Bulgaria state standard, with an area of ​​about 80m2, which had to be divided into living room + kitchen and dining room, bathroom + toilet, children's room, bedroom and technical room (for solar water heater, washing machine, dryer, etc.) + plenty of storage space !! In the initial schemes that we developed, we had decided to obey the given architectural distribution, and to leave all the rooms with their purpose according to the architectural drawings. 

However, after detailed elaboration, we decided that it is better to exchange the nursery and the bedroom, as the bedroom is larger, and it would be more convenient these areas to be used by children (for play, etc.). . The layout of the bathroom according to the plan was to be with a shower cabin, but we decided to change the locations of all plumbing elements there so that there is free and wide space for bathing, instead of the closed shower cabin, and in general a much larger -functional and comfortable bathroom. We had to move the space to the bathroom door to make the entrance more comfortable.

In the end, not a single room remained distributed according to the given architectural drawings, and we changed the places of each element, in order to plan the apartment to be as functional and comfortable to use. The entire electrical system was replaced, in view of the fact that metal (English standard) consoles and sockets were installed. Some of the consoles we chose to have built-in USB devices, for easy charging of phones and more. The locations of the given Electrical elements were also extremely uncomfortable, respectively the demolition was an inevitable part of our plan.

Due to the lack of large rooms, we decided to use the size of the main room, and there to cover with large wardrobes to be the entire height of the room. They house hangers for outerwear, shelves for cleaning machines, etc., as well as many shelves for books and many other items. We have planned the children's room with a bunk bed, which has a storage mechanism under the bed. We also solved it entirely with cabinets from the ground to the ceiling, and every possible square is covered with storage space. We made a wall with blackboard paint, where kids can paint with chalk, and under the wall we put a warm and soft carpet to step on.

We divided the master bedroom into two main rooms - for rest and a wardrobe, which has large mirrors and curtains that can be pulled when needed. Again, we were driven by the need for storage space. We left part of the wardrobe with open shelves, for easier use. We separated the main room with a kitchen, living room and dining room, and the large table can be transformed and become a place to work. We have installed hidden sockets and USB devices in it, so that as few cables as possible can be seen when the table becomes working. The coffee table can be stretched and offers space for 8 people, the height is also adjustable.

We chose the size of the sofa and the upholstery, as the filling is made of goose down, which makes it extremely comfortable and pleasant to sit on. Due to the fact that we do not like to see technical elements in the main rooms, we decided to build a small laundry room in which we hid all the elements such as boiler, dryer, washing machine, space for cat toilet and shelves for storing detergents. The kitchen is our favorite part, as we always give a lot of thought to this type of premises. We decided to make a U-shaped distribution, in which to also allocate a lot of storage space.

Since the requirement was to place hobs with a built-in CATA hood, we decided that this element would be our leading detail, along which to "rotate" the layout of the kitchen. We placed the aspirator in question in the center of the room, and in front of it we built a bar where you can also have dinner. The idea is for the hostess to be part of the guests while cooking, or the family while doing her work, and not to be with her back to everything that is happening. The kitchen is designed mainly with edging handles and push buttons, and the appliances are mainly built-in. We chose the sink Greenwich XXL model from SHOCK so that it can be large and can hold trays, etc. bulky things to wash. Above the kitchen we have provided a cabinet with aluminum doors, which houses a hidden drainer for plates, etc., so that they are not visible in the main room. We stylistically decided on the project in a "picked" eclecticism, for the reason that we were completely DIVIDED whether to approach a more modern and minimalist interior, or vice versa. However, styles and vision are our passion, which is why we failed to obey a single style.

All furniture and elements are made and selected entirely according to our project, as only the coffee table and chairs are bought directly ready from the store, and again for them we have chosen separately the materials, colors of the legs and the type of back of the chair.

Photos by: Ivan Kolev Photography

"Varna, Airbnb 2"


The project was developed from the IDEA phase to Aurora supervision and  implementation.

*Here we will not show you how to make the most expensive interior, with the most luxurious furniture and materials! (because not every client has an infinite budget!)

*Here we will not even present you only pictures of a conceptual project! (because almost always our projects are tied to "Author supervision and execution"!)

*You will also understand how a designer should properly allocate the client's budget so that there is no unnecessary waste, especially when working with an extremely scarce one.

*Here, however, we will present to you how a space can become much brighter, spacious, better functionally distributed, different and interesting!

*Remember that in order to make the apartments you decide to rent more attractive and desirable, it is not enough to leave them with the old furniture and dust! If you are aiming to do business through Airbnb, booking or other platforms, you must have respect and attitude towards your future customers and guests.

This apartment hasn't even been uploaded to the platforms yet, but that doesn't stop it from already enjoying bookings!

And now some information:

8 months ago we got the keys to this apartment, being lucky enough to work with the full trust of our clients! 

The assignment is an apartment to be rented. The space itself has a bright area of 60m2, has two bedrooms, a living room + kitchen and dining room, a bathroom + WC, and a laundry room.

As a first step, absolutely the entire apartment had to be freed of all old furniture, unnecessary items, and some walls, of course

In its old form, the apartment was divided into many and extremely small rooms, with very difficult access to each other. The bathroom was within WHOLE 2m2 and the kitchen was in the form of a very narrow corridor. For this reason, it was necessary to make plan adjustments, which of course was supported by technical knowledge and verification (please do not do this at home, or at least not without an Architect).

We also parted with many of the doors of the small rooms in question so that we could get this open and airy space. Since the apartment is in a very old building, absolutely all the electrical and plumbing had to be replaced, and also all the walls had to be replastered, as they were covered with old liquid wallpaper. 

Understandably, all these corrections "swallow" a huge part of our set budget, and for this reason it is necessary to think creatively, but at the same time sparingly, in the interior solution. We have achieved this by using bright tones, different painting methods, mixing attractive decorations - retro + newly bought ones (some of them we kept from the old house), and a pinch of design skills and solutions!

We worked with a lot of love, attention, dedication, as we work on ABSOLUTELY ALL OUR PROJECTS! With great desire and respect for the people who trusted us!

Hope you like it!!!

Photos: Ivan Kolev Photography



The project was developed from IDEA to the KEY (phases). The clients are a young family living in Dubai, determined to invest in a new summer home. The project was approved by BDS in July 2018. and it took about 2-3 months to develop the concept and plans. Subcontracting followed (furniture, flooring, doors, finishing crews, lighting, decoration, etc.). All furniture is custom made (except for the living room), according to technical drawings. All the details (textiles, decoration, etc.) are chosen by us (according to customer requirements). The physical implementation of the project took almost 4-5 months. As authors of the project, we were an integral part of the apartment to monitor whether the submitted project was being completed. Our clients left the apartment on a screed, and received a fully furnished new home (+ installed TVs, crab systems, etc.) + a charged refrigerator;)



A project that was special in that the budget set aside for implementation was extremely scarce and had we had to work carefully. The client is an artist who is moving her home and wants her new place to be cheerful and bright. Fortunately, it was not difficult to find something to decorate the walls with, and all the paintings and tapestries were made by her to fit her new home! The colored spots on the walls are our work, as we had complete freedom in the implementation of the project.

The project is special for us and the fact that although we are not engaged in brokerage, by some chance we were the people who found the location of the new apartment. We met him ready according to BSS, and handed him over with freshly baked rustic cake on the table! The style of the home "revolves" around the new concept of "Rustik chic", and much of the furniture and decoration we took (with permission, of course), from our client's old house.

This gave us the opportunity to fit into the set budget, while fulfilling the task of a new home full of beautiful memories. All the time our team was an integral part of all subcontractors (to whom we thank heartily!), Namely - furniture makers, craftsmen, etc., and we monitored the implementation of every


Photos by: Ivan Kolev Photography