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If you are planning to rent a property (long-term, short-term ...) or sell a property, then we can be useful with ideas for renovations and space optimisations, which will guarantee you a faster and more profitable sale or profit. . The care and vision of a property can provide you with greater interest, and consequently a higher market price. Contact us to offer you interesting techniques to help you do this!

"FREE initial consultation"

до 1 час

To find out how we work, or if we are the right team for you, do not hesitate to contact us! The initial consultation could take place by phone, in our office or on site. Within 15 minutes to 1 hour we can discuss the potential of your project, and then prepare an offer, action plan and implementation.

"CONSULTATION on the spot"

BGN 200

(within 1 working day)

We have the practice to work in different budget frameworks, and at the same time every solution we offer is well thought out and accessible. We can be useful to you on the spot with a consultation that will give you a clear framework in which to work alone, and subsequently if you decide you can use our services for the implementation of the project. The consultation can be everything you need, and during the day we will give you all the ideas and explain which places in your interior are in great need of improvement.

The consultation begins with a tour of the home, highlighting all the problem areas and discussing everything you need. You will receive complete advice and information from professionals who come with a "fresh eye" and a lot of creative ideas. Then we offer practical low-cost solutions that you can implement yourself or we can find for you.

"DAILY FEE" (shopping, photography, photography, design, etc.)

BGN 200

(within 1 working day)

If you do not have the necessary time, desire, imagination, etc., then we can do it for you. Within one working day (up to 8 hours), we can invent the styling of the place, go to choose and buy the selected furniture, and arrange them in your space. If there is already furniture on the site in question, we will consider whether it is a good idea to keep some of them or replace them with others.You'll be amazed at how a place can be transformed in just a few hours (or days, depending on the size of the task). This service would be suitable for those of you who would like to "refresh" a space or home without the need to develop a detailed project. Trust us to find your space completely renovated and different.

"Design by photo"

от 100лв. до 400лв.+

If we are far from your site, or there is some other reason that would prevent us from visiting a site, there is still a way to be useful to you. Through a free telephone consultation we can discuss the future project and present opportunities for its improvement. Through photos and sizes of the room sent by you, we can prepare proposals for refreshment and redesign of a room. In this way you get professional guidance and selected products that you can buy and assemble and arrange yourself.

"Personal training"


(в рамките на 1 работен ден)

You receive 1 full-time (or more if necessary) personal training that will help you navigate the styles, shops, colors, and everything that would help you to be able to decorate and transform your desired room. During this course you will be taught the basic steps needed to plan and design spaces (shooting, colors, materials, fabrics, combinations, realization and much more). This option is ideal for clients who want to design their own space, but do not have the necessary knowledge, skills or qualifications to perform it.

Gift vouchers

от 100 до 500лв.

(в зависимост от задачата)

It is fashionable to surprise our relatives and friends with gift vouchers for perfumes, cosmetics, etc., but why not surprise them with a voucher that has educational and intellectual value? You have the opportunity to purchase a voucher of different value, which we can determine together with you. Call us to discuss all the possibilities and together choose the best option for your gift;)


As professionals in the field of Architecture and Interior Design, we can assist you from the level of CONSULTATION, to the level of IMPLEMENTATION of your project. Subsequent services and prices can serve as a guide to what we charge our customers. After an inspection and consultation of the site, you will be able to receive a specific offer with all the necessary details.


from 200 BGN to 600 BGN

Project containing the following specifications:

- proposal for update or new furniture selection

- list of furniture and decorations to replace the existing ones (+ prices and links where they can be bought)

- a proposal for ways to renew and improve the space

- recommended elements for use if the space will be used for short-term rentals (AirBnB, reservation, etc.)

- Cunning tips for satisfied customers and better online rating

package "FUNCTION"

12 BGN for 1 square meter

The project includes:

- 2D plan-distribution of furniture (kitchens, bedrooms, etc.) (up to 3 options)

- Only light areas are considered to measure the premises 


* This package will serve as a guide to how the furniture can be most effectively distributed in your home or other type of room.

"3D" package

20 BGN for 1 square meter

The project includes:

- 3D images representing the spaces and their vision (up to 3 variants)

- Only light areas are considered to measure the premises 


* This option will show you in detail what your future home, office or other room will look like.

package "IDEA"

35 BGN for 1 square meter

The project includes:


- 2D plan-distribution of furniture (up to 3 options) - floor plan - lighting plan - collage-visualization showing materials, colors, furniture, etc., - KSS The * This option is convenient for customers who live abroad

package "AUTHOR SUPERVISION" home, office or other premises.

65 BGN for 1 square meter

The project includes:


- Shooting and taking measurements of a room

- MOOD BOARD (selection of materials, colors and textures), ie shaping the style of the furniture

- 2D plan-distribution of furniture (up to 3 options)

- 3D visualization

- offers for implementation


- Implementation team

- Author's supervision 




70 BGN for 1 square meter

The project includes:


- Shooting and taking measurements of a room

- MOOD BOARD (selection of materials, colors and textures), ie shaping the style of the furniture

- 2D plan-distribution of furniture (up to 3 options)

- Technical plans (electricity, plumbing, etc.)

- The spotlight plan

- 3D visualization

- Quantitative accounts




prices start from BGN 50 for 1 video

Nowadays, it is not difficult to present projects that present the interior design of your future home, office or other type of room in its full potential. Our studio is known for finding different techniques and ways to present you in detail a space. The video that shows your interior can help you better navigate the space, colors, fabrics and overall overall feel of the design and vision of the place. Contact us to discuss prices and offers!


prices start from BGN 50

Video is the only way to present the interior design of a single space, but when Virtual Reality comes, it is not only a real problem. You can make sure you have 360 ​​° panoramas that you need to see in your phone, or see for virtual reality. Have a VR Oculus Rift to immerse you in your largest interior. You can also "test" virtually in the design that makes for you.

All this may sound complicated or unreal, but it is not :)

Contact us to see your ideas and more!


from BGN 12 to 70 m2 for 1 m2

Nowadays, more and more entrepreneurs choose to invest in real estate (green or other type) to resell. However, many of them do not offer who knows what design, and this is definitely of great importance in such an investment. Our studio mainly deals with interior design and execution, and investing in this service can save you a lot of time and investment.

WE CAN MAKE YOUR PROPERTY DESIRABLE! For more conditions and prices - contact us.

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